Karen O is a female singer who is perhaps most well known being the lead vocalist for the rock group Yeah Yeah Yeahs. She has been with them since 2000. During this time she has shown how much range and emotion she can express during her performances.

She has one of the most unique singing styles out there. It has been compared to a banshee wailing. Her influences in this regard are clearly members of the 1970’s punk rock scene. This is also shown in the way that she plays the guitar.

Karen O is constantly experimenting with her music. All of her albums are unique and no two sound the same. Her early work was much grungier and heavier. In more recent years she has created music that integrates the synthesizer as a key instrument.

She is also highly regarded for her energetic live performances. During these she is often seen wearing colourful and custom made outfits. Seeing a live version of Yeah Yeah Yeahs is quite different to simply hearing a studio album. This is because Karen O makes it an immersive experience for her audience.