The Changing Face of the Music Industry

As the 20th century came to a close, it was clear that the music world was changing. People were listening to music in different ways than before. That change has continued into modern times with the advent of modern digital technology, such as smartphones and streaming services. Here’s a look at how the music industry […]


Wallpaper For Music Lovers

Decorating a room gives the person an opportunity to express their individuality. This may involve showcasing how much they love music. There are numerous interior design elements which should be taken into consideration. One of the most important is the wallpaper. It is wise to pick the best website for these types of products. Music […]


Fashion in Music

There is no doubt that the world of fashion and music are intertwined, and different genres have spawned many new styles. The rock and roll era of the 1950s first brought fashion to a teenage audience. In contrast, previously, big brands only catered to the adult market. Girls, in particular, found that they had a […]


The Popularity of Gothic Rock

Gothic rock, also simplified as Goth, is a popular genre of music that first emerged in the late 1970s. The songs are often quite dark in nature, perhaps even sad, and have their roots in Gothic literature. Goth rock has even given rise to its own style of fashion and subculture. It is personified by […]


Dreaming of starting a band? Just do it!

Have you ever dreamt of playing in a band? Do you play an instrument alone, wistfully hoping that one day someone accidentally hears your playing and invites you to play with them? Many musicians would love to play in a band but don’t dare to take the step to starting one themselves. But just waiting […]


Handling Conflict Among Band Members

The idea of forming a band is beautiful. Having talented people coming together to produce music can birth a powerful piece of art. Many bands have enjoyed great success and ended up inspiring many people; including up and coming musicians. Sadly, one of the rarely spoken subjects is when members of a band cannot get […]


Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters emerged as a band during the mid 1990’s. They were originally formed by the surviving members of Nirvana. The drummer of this group, Dave


Green Day

Those who grew up watching the rock music channel Kerrang will be familiar with the band Green Day. For over a decade their various hits have been bro