Those who grew up watching the rock music channel Kerrang will be familiar with the band Green Day. For over a decade their various hits have been broadcast on this network. They have had a high output in terms of music videos. This has given them worldwide exposure.

Their first significant hit was Basket Case. The song was part of their 1994 Dookie album. The track achieved wide acclaim and catapulted them onto the world stage. For much of this decade the band were known for their quirky and lighthearted music.

However, the release of their American Idiot album signalled a change in the tone of their work. They became more vocal of world issues and political events. Their sound also gained a heavier, harder edge to it.

A number of their singles after American Idiot were more melancholy and reflective. This can be seen in the songs Wake Me Up When September Ends and Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Their new sound can be interpreted as a reflection of American society at that time. This shows that Green Day are a band that very much represent the world that they live in.