Foo Fighters emerged as a band during the mid 1990’s. They were originally formed by the surviving members of Nirvana. The drummer of this group, Dave Grohl became the front man for Foo Fighters. They were first based in Seattle, which was where the grunge era had started.

Foo Fighters had a much friendlier and upbeat sound than Nirvana. Their lyrics were often comical and fun in nature. However, they could still be contemplative and serious when needed. The group were noted for their nice demeanour during interviews and performances.

As the years went by the style of the band became much heavier. Today it is more akin to thrash metal. This ended up being a profitable decision as their newer band work has consistently sold well. This shift first started with their album One By One in 2002.

More recently Foo Fighters have established themselves as one of the best rock acts to see live. They have performed to sell out crowds at popular festivals and concerts. This includes the Glastonbury Festival in England. People flock to see them due to the band’s high energy level.

They also have a strong dedication to their fans. In 2015 Dave Grohl broke his leg while playing live. Despite this obstacle he continued to tour. Footage of him playing to a crowd with his leg in a cast later went viral.

Foo Fighters have left a strong legacy on the rock genre. Compared to other big bands they have been on the scene for a relatively short time. Despite this they have inspired a new generation of performers. Their popularity can be seen in the amount of people that come to see them perform. For many fans of rock this band is on the top of their list and for good reason.