It is likely that without Bob Marley, the genre of reggae would not have such a widespread appeal. Thanks to him people who may never have even heard this type of music were exposed to it. For many members of the public, hearing Bob Marley for the first time was a key moment in their lives.

In 1963 he rose to fame as the lead singer for the Wailers. This group would eventually tour worldwide and create a loyal fan base. His distinctive vocal style has made him one of the most recognisable singers of all time.

Before and after his death, Marley has been given a large number of awards and accolades. Rolling Stone Magazine named the Wailers the best band of 1976. He was also given the Order of Merit from his home country of Jamaica.

He is not just renowned for his vocal skills but also the style with which he plays the guitar. This often overlooked aspect of his performance has been important to the sound of popular music. He paved the way for other artists to fuse different world genres to create something new.