Why People Go to Concerts

Listening to the recording of a music artist is one thing, but sometimes fans want to experience a live performance as well. Concerts give fans a more intimate and immersive experience. It also gives them the chance to support the artists in a more immediate way. Furthermore, a concert can showcase the talents of musicians without the aid of pre-recorded mixing.

Health Benefits

Some of the more energetic concerts can be beneficial to the physical and mental health of audience members. This is especially true if there is a large amount of dancing involved. Pop and rock music tend to be the genres where this is most common.

Dancing is a primal activity that dates back to prehistory. When concertgoers engage in it, they feel happy and euphoric. The exercise from this also helps them keep fit and maintains cardiovascular health.

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Standing or Sitting

Most venues will give audiences the options of either standing or sitting areas. Choosing the most suitable venue will depend on the individual person. Sitting is better for those who do not enjoy being up on their feet for extended periods of time. People who dislike being in large crowds should also avoid the standing option.

On the other hand, standing is ideal for those who want to experience the full energetic excitement of the concert. It also allows fans to potentially get to the front and be as close to the performer as possible.

Famous Concerts

  • Woodstock

Woodstock is perhaps the most famous concert of all time. It took place in the summer of 1969, during the height of the hippy movement. The great global rock stars of the time performed there to mass crowds. It remains an iconic part of music history.

  • Live Aid

Live Aid took place during 1985 and was a charitable endeavour to raise funds for starving Ethiopians. David Bowie, The Who and Elton John played to a full stadium audience. However, it was Queen who pulled off the most famous stage act of the entire concert.

  • Kate Bush: Before the Dawn

Kate Bush is a singer/songwriter who has been active for decades. She is famous for her eclectic artistic style and reclusive private life. She had retreated from public life for some time before surprising fans with the announcement of a 2014 concert. Before The Dawn was her first live performance since 1979 and wowed both critics and the general public.