Music Legend

Freddie Mercury is one Britain’s most celebrated musical artists. Throughout the 70’s and 80’s he released some of the best rock tracks of this era, while being the front man of Queen, a group that would go on to have worldwide fame.

The hits that he worked on while in Queen include Another One Bites the Dust, You’re My Best Friend and Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Their most revered track is the bombastic Bohemian Rhapsody. This single redefined what pop music could be. Released in 1975, it included complex instrumentation. At the time it was the most expensive single ever produced.

Mercury also worked on a number of solo projects. A large amount of these were released posthumously. Of his solo work he is perhaps most well remembered for the astounding album Barcelona. The single, Living On My Own proved to be very popular. He even worked with pop legend Michael Jackson on several tracks. These have not currently been released by his estate.

Mercury proved that he could do extremely well without the other members of Queen. However, it is his time with this band that ended up defining his career. Towards the end of his life Mercury he and his band created some of their more melancholy hits. Of them all, “These Are the Days of Our Lives” is one of the most emotional. Mercury filmed the music video for it while he was suffering from a terminal illness. It ended up becoming a goodbye message to his fans.


One of the things that Mercury was most lauded for was his live performances. During these shows heĀ would often get the audience to join in and immerse them in the experience. This can be seen clearly in famous footage of Queen performing at the iconic Live Aid concert. While on stage Mercury brought with him a flamboyant energy that would electrify the audience.

It has been speculated that the untimely death of Mercury in 1991 increased the popularity of Queen. It is true that sales of their albums had stagnated towards the end of the 1980’s. The singers decision to go solo had also drawn attention away from his collaboration with the other band members.

However, it is likely that even if Mercury had lived on, the artistic achievements of Queen would still have been celebrated. Future generations often enjoy the early work of the group the most. This was an era where they had a fun and manic energy. They were also highly experimental in their sound. It is sometimes understated just how prolific Queen were. Mercury left behind an extensive back catalogue for people to enjoy. His music has already endured decades after his death.