Kurt Cobain was only on the music scene for a short while but managed to leave a permanent mark on it. He was the lead singer of the grunge rock band Nirvana. This group would go on to make the genre more popular than ever.

Such was the success of Nirvana that the early 1990’s are often considered an era created by them. Thanks to their efforts alternative rock became one of the highest selling forms of music in the US and UK. Their impact allowed for other similar groups to gain a wide audience.

Cobain was born in 1967 and was active as a musician from 1982 – 1994. His life was marred by a number of mental health issues. He managed to use this angst and anxiety as an expression in his work as an artist. Sadly he lost his fight with suicidal thoughts and died at the age of 27. His loss was felt around the world, with many of fans expressing their grief. Cobain has been an influence on future musicians. Arcade Fire, Fall Out Boy and Best Coast have all cited him as having an important impact on them.